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Skyline Event Management a Udaipur -based multi-faceted company delivering services in the field of Celebrity Management, Event Management, Sound & Lights and Stage Designing. Apart from these, we have specialization in Productions and Personal Relations. We started off in the field of celebrity management and gradually have added many other fields to our bouquet of services. Having a huge base of satisfied customers in India and abroad, we have enthralled public in almost all the big cities of India through our artistes and performers. Having a vast number of artistes associated with us, we can offer services with the best quotes and a guarantee of satisfaction. This venture was a dream of its director Kumar Bupi that has borne sweet fruits of credibility and success over all these years and continues to do so.

Celebrity Management You name it, we have it. We as celebrity managers represent and advance the careers of artistes and personalities. We have strong business acumen and ability to create opportunities for celebrities, especially from the entertainment field. Also, we arrange celebrities for all your needs, be it a family function, corporate gathering.

Event Management We as event managers plan and execute your event, taking responsibility for the creative, technical and logistical elements. This includes overall event design, celebrity hiring, brand building, marketing and communication strategy, audio-visual productions, scriptwriting, logistics, budgeting, negotiation and client service.

Stage Designing While designing stage for an event, we need to make powerful moments happen before the audience. And that is where we come into picture. To achieve this, we adhere to all of the industry-leading standards for ensuring both quality and safety. We believe it is the best way to bring joy to your audience.We believe it is the best way to bring joy to your

Sound & Lights We employ acoustic environment simulators technology, which allow us to accurately predict sound in any given environment. Also, we majorly use intelligent fixtures and deploy arc lamps as a light source, and therefore use a variety of mechanical methods to achieve the effect of dimming. Some fixtures employ standard halogen lamps.

Productions & Entertainment We are a production company and a member of Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association (IMPPA). Having a number of assignments completed successfully under our banner, we have rendered above-par products for clients in both audio and video productions. Our productions include songs, singles, cover versions and commercials.

Media Solutions Creating an identity for a brand and individual, or publicising well-known names in the entertainment industry is a job that is cut-out for professionals only. We are here to accomplish this for you. Be it a social media, print media or electronic media, we take care of your need for public relations while you sit back in your armchair.

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