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Rajasthani Folk Artist | Singers – Langa Singers Party & Musicians | Dancers as – Kalbelia – Chari – Bhavai – Gramin Bhawai – Terah Taali – Fire – Gair Dance – Ghoomer – Kachhi Ghodi Dance – Kathputli (Puppet) – Mayur/Mor – Charkula – Chakra Dance from Vrindavan, Braj, Mathura . Just Drop a line to Us.

Rajasthani Dance & Tribal Music The People of Rajasthan live life to the hilt. After hard work in the harsh desert sun and the rocky terrain whenever they take time off they let themselves go in gay abandon. There is dancing, singing, drama, devotional music and puppet shows and other community festivities which transform the hardworking Rajasthani into a fun-loving and carefree individual. Each region has its own folk entertainment, the dance styles differ as do the songs. Interestingly enough, even the musical instruments are different. Of considerable significance are the devotional songs and the communities who render these songs. Professional performers like the Bhaats, Dholis, Mirasis, Nats, Bhopas and Bhands are omnipresent across the state. They are patronized by the villagers who participate actively in the shows put up by these travelling entertainers. Some of the better known forms of entertainment are:

Kalbelia – Chari – Bhavai – Gramin Bhawai – Terah Taali – Fire – Gair Dance – Ghoomer Dance – Kachhi Ghodi Dance – Kathputli (Puppet) Dance Show.

Professional singers still sing the haunting ballads of Moomal Mahendra, Dhola-Maru and other legendary lovers and heroes. List of Langa singers and performers also includes the Mirasis and Jogis of Mewat, Manganiyars and Langas, Kanjars, Banjaras and Dholies. Performances like the Kuchamani Khayal, Maach, Tamasha, Rammat, Nautanki and Raasleela are no less popular. The musical instruments of Rajasthan are simple but quite unusual. Handcrafted by the musicians themselves they are rather unique and include instruments like the Morchang, Naad, Sarangi, Kamayacha, Ravanhatta, Algoja, Khartal, Pungi, Bankia and There are dozens of other instruments which are exclusive to Rajasthan only.

We have Large Team of artiste which includes – Rajasthani Dancers – Kalbelia Dancers – Gramin Bhavai Dancers – Punjabi Giddha Dancers – Mayur (Mor) Dancers (Rassleela Dance) – Charkula/Chakra Dance Group – Bollywood Dance Troupe – Bhangra Dance Troupe – Dandiya Dance Troupe – Gujarati Garba Dancers. Skyline Event Management have performed vibrantly in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Siliguri, Guwahati, and Rural Cities of India and in Abroad Cities Dubai, Qatar, Riyadh, UAE, Oman, South Africa, London, Sydney (Australia), Newyork, Washington,Germany Etc. Especially our Rajasthani Folk Dance Troupe & Langa Manganiyar Singers Group have given Many successful shows in many Corporate – Private – Wedding Events.

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  • Rajasthani Dance Group
  • Kathputli Puppet Show
  • Langa Party Musicians
  • Kachchhi Ghodi Dance
  • Folk Music Group
  • Rajasthani Kalbelia Dance
  • Rajasthani Ghoomer Dance
  • Rajasthani Theme Setup
  • Punjabi Bhangra Dhol
  • Punjabi Bagpiper Band
  • Dhol Tasha Group
  • Shahi Buggi
  • Royal Brass Band
  • Ladies Sangeet Party
  • Traditional Cultural Stalls
  • Shehnai Players For Shaadi
  • Classical Kathak Dancers
  • Male/Female Ghazal Singers
  • Instrumental Musicians
  • Orchestra Band Groups
  • DJ Dancers & Dance Groups
  • Lawazma For Baraat Wedding
  • Rock English Hindi Bands
  • Sufi Singer Band
  • Qawwali Group – Musicians
  • International Artist
  • Shahi Doli For Girls
  • Egypt Tanoura Dancers
  • Hotel Wedding Garden Venue
  • Shaadi Shehnai Vadak Nagara
  • Magicians & Jugglers
  • Rice Painting Stalls
  • Tattoo Artist stalls
  • Caricature Artist Stalls
  • Pagadi Turban Safa Tieing
  • Mojri Jutti Turban Stalls
  • Magic Shows Stalls
  • Astrologers/Jyotish Stalls
  • Lakh Bangle Making
  • Kumhar Pot Making
  • Astrologer with Parrot
  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Bioscope
  • Mehandi Heena Artist
  • Wax Hand Stall
  • MalishWala (Head Oil Massage)
  • chana chor garam Wala Group
  • Ladies Sangeet Choreographer
  • Western & Punjabi Dance Troupe
  • Standup Comedian/Mimicry Artist
  • DJ Sound Stage and Lighting
  • Floral Decoration
  • Pre Wedding Photography Video
  • Rajasthani Dress Photo Booth
  • Fireworks Show, Atishbazi
  • Rajasthani Puppet Kathputli Show
  • Bollywood Celebrity Management
  • Celebrity Artist Management
  • Western Dance Group
  • Videographer & Photographer

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